The 8 Best Kitchen Design Trends in Calgary for 2024

Cardin Chen
December 22, 2023

This year, Calgary's kitchens are transforming into eco-friendly havens, embracing sustainable materials and smart, energy-efficient technologies.

This year, Calgary’s kitchens are transforming into eco-friendly havens, embracing sustainable materials and smart, energy-efficient technologies. Experience the warmth and richness of new color palettes, featuring deep blues, earthy browns, and vibrant accents, moving away from the traditional all-white themes. Marvel at the luxurious touch of high drama marble and quartzite countertops, bringing nature’s beauty indoors. Explore the functionality and elegance of modern butler’s pantries and innovative storage solutions, tailored for the multifunctional needs of today’s homes. Embrace the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for Calgary’s picturesque landscapes, enhancing your home with natural light and open-air comfort. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest induction cooktops, combining sleek design with environmental consciousness. Gather, dine, and connect in communal eat-in kitchens, designed to be the heart of your home with comfortable seating and stylish layouts. Lastly, delve into the world of sustainable and low-maintenance materials, a testament to Calgary’s commitment to eco-friendly living.

1. Layered, Understated Lighting

This trend emphasizes a more nuanced approach to kitchen lighting. Instead of relying solely on large, statement pendant lights, the focus is on creating a layered effect with multiple light sources. This includes integrated lighting solutions like under-cabinet lights and toe-kick lighting, which provide both functionality and a subtle aesthetic appeal. Sconces are also gaining popularity for their ability to add a soft, ambient glow, enhancing the overall mood and feel of the kitchen.

Photo by GR Mitchell Design Center

2. Warm, Rich Colors

The trend is shifting away from the stark, monochromatic look of all-white kitchens. Instead, there’s a move towards warmer, more inviting color palettes. This includes rich browns, smoky blues, and deep reds, often paired with neutral tones to create a balanced and welcoming space. These colors add depth and character to the kitchen, making it more than just a functional area but a central, cozy hub of the home.

Photo by Smith & Vansant Architects PC

3. High Drama Marble and Stone

The use of natural materials like marble and quartzite, particularly those with bold and vibrant veining, is on the rise. These materials are not just chosen for their durability but also for their aesthetic appeal, offering a connection to the natural world. The dramatic patterns and colors in these stones can turn countertops and floors into focal points of the kitchen, contributing to a sense of luxury and sanctuary.

Photo by GDC Construction

4. Butler’s Pantries and Storage Galore

As kitchens become more multifunctional spaces, the demand for innovative storage solutions is growing. Butler’s pantries are becoming increasingly popular, serving as additional storage for china and as wet bars. Additionally, hidden kitchens and pantry walls are emerging as clever ways to maximize space and reduce clutter, keeping the kitchen tidy and streamlined.

Photo by Crisp ArchitectsSearch kitchen pictures

5. Outdoor Kitchens and Connection to Nature

The integration of indoor and outdoor spaces is a continuing trend. Large sliding doors and windows, along with materials and color palettes that echo those found in nature, help create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. This trend reflects a desire to bring the tranquility and beauty of nature into the home.

6. Induction Cooktops

Induction cooking is gaining traction in the U.S. for its efficiency and safety. These cooktops produce fewer fumes than traditional gas stoves, reducing the need for large vent hoods and allowing for more flexible kitchen designs. They also represent a move towards more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient appliances.

7. Communal Eat-in Kitchens

The kitchen is increasingly seen as a communal space where people not only cook but also gather and socialize. This has led to designs that include large islands with comfortable seating and the integration of kitchen tables. These features encourage family and guests to spend more time in the kitchen, making it a central, social hub of the home.

8. Sustainability and Low-Maintenance Materials

There is a growing emphasis on sustainability in kitchen design. This includes the use of low-maintenance materials that mimic the look and feel of natural stone but with added durability and eco-friendliness. This trend reflects a broader shift towards environmentally conscious living, where homeowners are seeking to reduce their ecological footprint while still enjoying beautiful and functional spaces.

These trends for 2024 reflect a broader shift in kitchen design towards spaces that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and connected to nature. The emphasis is on creating kitchens that are welcoming and versatile, blending modern innovations with traditional elements to create spaces that are truly the heart of the home.

Cardin Chen

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