Our Process

Embarking on a renovation journey with us. YYC Cabinets Inc. promises a seamless, fulfilling experience that puts your vision at the forefront. Our process guides you through each phase, from your initial idea to the breathtaking reveal of your transformed space.

  1. Request for Quote

    Begin by reaching out to us via our website, email, or phone. Share a general idea of your renovation project and request a quote.

  2. Assessment and Estimate

    Our design team will assess your specific kitchen or bathroom renovation requirements and create a personalized estimate. Every aspect of your project, from the overall concept to the smallest details, is considered to provide an accurate, comprehensive estimate.

  3. Design Consultation

    Once agreed upon the estimate, we schedule a design consultation. In this meeting, we discuss your vision and preferences in more depth. We'll talk about materials, styles, appliances, fixtures, and layout options relevant to your project.

  4. Finalize Design Plan

    After the consultation, we develop a detailed design plan incorporating your preferences and the latest design trends. We'll present this design plan, discuss it with you, modify if needed, and finalize it upon your approval.

  5. Craft and Construct

    With the approved design plan, we'll get to the heart of the project. Our craftsmen will manufacture your bespoke cabinets, and our team will manage the renovation process, all the while maintaining strict quality control and timeliness.

  6. Installation

    Our expert installation team will then install your cabinets, ensuring everything fits perfectly and looks exactly as you imagined. We work with precision and care to minimize disruption to your home.

  7. Final Walkthrough and Approval

    We'll walk you through the finished project to ensure everything meets your expectations. Minor adjustments can be made if needed, and only when you're 100% satisfied, we consider the project completed.