Kensington Home Remodel Calgary

In the vibrant Kensington neighbourhood, a residence underwent a remarkable transformation as we overhauled the kitchen, converted a room into a well-equipped office space, and added a stylish basement bar.

The kitchen was reinvented with a focus on functionality and aesthetics. Maximizing the use of the available space, the layout was meticulously planned to accommodate ample storage and prep areas, creating a convenient, stress-free culinary environment.

The basement saw the addition of an urbane bar, featuring contemporary cabinetry that enhances the overall ambience. Ideal for effortless entertaining or for quiet nights in, this feature delivers both comfort and refinement in equal measure.

A previously underutilized room found a new purpose as a professional home office. Fitted out with practical furniture and storage solutions, it now serves as an organised and productive workspace that wonderfully balances work with home life.

In each facet of this Kensington home renovation, the adherence to quality craftsmanship and the homeowners' distinct taste is palpable. The result is a home that's just as unique as its residents, skillfully tailored to meet their lifestyle needs
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