Altadore Home Redesign in Calgary

In the vibrant Altadore community, Calgary, a distinct residence undertook a comprehensive transformation. This journey of metamorphosis touched various corners of the house, notably including the kitchen, basement bar, guest bathroom, and laundry area.

The heart of the home - the kitchen - was rendered into a stunning modern space. Meticulously designed with both style and function in mind, it now optimally utilizes the available area, combining ample workspace with sleek storage solutions.

Descending into the basement reveals a chic bar that's sure to impress any guest. The careful choice of both functional and aesthetic elements crafts an inviting space suspended between relaxation and refined entertainment.

Attention to detail was also applied to the guest bathroom, which was rejuvenated into a haven of understated elegance. Top-notch fittings and thoughtful design make this often-overlooked space shine with a distinct charm. Rounding off this transformative journey is the laundry room. Far from being a mundane utility space, the room was tailored to offer a superb cleaning experience with a touch of sophistication.
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